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Step away from external influences to restore your balance.
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Book your visit at our facility to float your way to less stress, anxiety, depression and pain.

The world we live in is tremendously demanding. We are bombarded with stimuli and expected to cope with different forms of stresses every day. This exposure has a significantly negative impact on our minds and bodies – and the connection between the two.

Finding ways to maintain optimal health has become a costly and exhausting pursuit.

We battle with mental disorders, physical ailments and the lack of energy to enjoy life

Floating is an invigorating and restorative therapy that can help balance the body’s natural minerals.

The more you float, the stronger you become physically, mentally and emotionally. It will enable and guide you to regain control of the mind-body connection that is so important in achieving true wellness.


"I think floating has a strong role in good therapy for a number of disorders that we really struggle with in terms of effective therapies."

Thomas H. Fine, MA, LPCC
Author and Leading Researcher of Psychiatry and Recovery Services


Want to know more about sensory deprivation? What it is? How it started? Click here for answers.


What is floatation therapy all about and is it for you?

Floatation therapy is an amazing tool with meaningful benefits.


Benefits for the Mind

  • Stimulates creative thinking
    and encourages flow of thought

  • Decreases stress, anxiety and depression

  • Increases connectivity between left
    and right brain hemispheres

  • Increases self-awareness which 
    can help with addictive behaviours


Benefits for the Body

  • Aids in the recovery of muscles and joints

  • Increases the absorption and storage
    of magnesium, which reduces the effects of adrenaline, resulting in improved sleep and concentration as well as improved muscles and nerve function

  • Reduces tension headaches

  • Lowers blood pressure

Benefits for the Mind/Body


  • Promotes sleep quality & dream states

  • Allows the nervous system to relax

  • Activates the parasympathetic branch for digestion and relaxation

  • Enhances nervous system recovery to restore healthy communication between neurons

Take the first step to true healing of body and mind. Book your visit to our floatation facility.


Big names in business and sport are embracing this revolutionary treatment.


Tim Ferris

Entrepreneur & Best-selling Author

Mr. Ferris has experimented with floatation as an accelerated means to learn new languages in addition to enjoying the reduction in stress and anxiety.

"I found it to be one of the most anxiety reducing experiences I've ever had."

Elle MacPherson

Supermodel & Actress

The Australian model favoured floatation throughout her career - not only for the relaxation benefits,  but for the natural skincare benefits of magnesium sulfate. She was even known to have owned her own tank. 

Wayne Rooney

Professional Footballer

Owns his very own tank and spends up to 10 hours a week floating. He credits his time in the float tank in allowing him to recover quicker.

"I noticed an immediate improvement and made my return to action ahead of schedule".


Mare & Janine

Unbelievable experience! Would recommend this to every single human being out there! Amazing. Feeling and relaxed! Thanks a mil!

Greg Daniels

Excellent experience. Will definitely do it again. Wonderful! Thanks – much appreciated.

Marius Snyman

Submersive, relaxing,

weightless. Feeling calm

& revitalised.

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