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Samantha & Tertius

This was our first session! What an amazing experience. Feel so relaxed and recharged. Senses feel awaken again. Will definitely do it again! Great job guys. xxx

Marius Snyman

Submersive, relaxing, weightless. Feeling calm & revitalised.

Carlene Daniels

Great experience,

feeling good & relaxed. Thanks!

Mare & Janine

Unbelievable experience! Would recommend this to every single human being out there! Amazing. Feeling and relaxed! Thanks a mil!

Greg Daniels

Excellent experience. Will definitely do it again. Wonderful! Thanks – much, appreciated.

Tom & Ronelle

Fabulous! So relaxing. Wow wow. A must-do. Not scary at all. Pain-free... feeling so good. No Meds! Natural.

Theo Van Der Linde

Tranquil setting with great service and tasty berry tea afterwards.

Natascha Strauss

Floatation therapy sessions at Neuro Float continue to offer relief for my chronic neck and shoulder pain, in addition to relaxing me and fuelling creativity. Shorter floating sessions calm me while longer sessions rejuvenate me. Both result in a great night’s sleep. I recommend floating at least once a week. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you.

Claude Hannah

Very interesting experience. 

Definitely recommend.

Ronelle & Tom

Fabulous! So relaxing. Wow, wow. A must-do. Not scary at all. The pain-free feeling is so good.
Baie dankie Stefan en Mignon. Baie groot sukses vir julle!

Jolanie Nel

So relaxed right now! Amazing experience. Will recommend to everyone. I'm 37 weeks pregnant and the baby was so chilled. Great for switching off completely and resting. Thank you so much! xx

Clement & Antoinette Singh

Amazing experience. The pod completely takes you.

Absolutely loved being 'alone' and stress-free. See you soon for sure. <3

Darryl Lewis

Much needed. Really enjoyed it Defs coming back. My minor niggles and injuries are somewhat gone. Feel very relaxed right now and excited for the next float. Well done guys!

Janetta Smith

An absolutely amazing experience. Everyone should definitely try it @ least once in their lifetime. Relaxing, quiet time! A must! Will recommend to everyone!


Amazing experience! Takes about 10 min to 'settle', but then the mind starts doing its healing thing. Loved it. Want to do more. I know I will want to push this further. 


Neuro Float has changed my life.  It has allowed me to get back to myself and just be in a better mental state. The exclusion of the outside world is what makes the experience life-changing. I came out better each time. This is the future. Us dealing with our own emotions head-on, with no influences from the outside world.


Nothing anyone tells you can really prepare you for this experience. I would recommend a float to anyone who needs relief from join aches, pain and inflammation. There isn't enough space on this page to speak about the mental health benefits of floating. Thank you very much Stefan and Mignon. I'll definitely be back.


Yes. What an experience. Been hearing a lot about this form of recovery. But it's totally different when you experience it firsthand. The first 5 minutes my body was really tense, but when I stepped out of the tank my body was super relaxed. As a professional athlete, I'd recommend it to everyone, especially athletes. Thank you for the experience.

Suzanne Brand

Today I came for my fourth float. Neuro Float has made my life so much more mindful. My perspective on many things has evolved to a more open-minded , relaxed point of view. I've also experienced a pleasant boost in my creativity, which was an amazing experience. I hope and wish that eventually all people will make this shift in their thinking and especially the way in which they think about their health. Thank you for always being amazing. You're making one huge difference.

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