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3 Reasons Why Floating is Good for Pregnant Women

This blog post is about how floating can significantly reduce some of the discomforts that many if not most (or all) pregnant women experience.

But before we jump in, we would like to acknowledge that women have different pregnancies. For this reason and for the safety of all, you should discuss your floating plans with your doctor before committing to a session.

Discomforts associated with pregnancy include nausea and digestive issues, stress and anxiety, swelling, aches and pains (especially backache), fatigue and sleep difficulties. Floating – a calming experience that promotes relaxation – can help with many of these physical discomforts.

Reason #1 Why Floating is Good for Pregnant Women – Pain Relief

Inside the floatation pod, a zero-gravity space, your muscles can completely relax. Here you can escape the extra weight that adds strains to the body, spine and feet while inflammation and stress hormone levels are reduced. The overall result? Alleviation of aches and pains.

Reason #2 Why Floating is Good for Pregnant Women – Stress Relief Floating has been shown to reduce cortisol levels, blood pressure and heart rate. It can also lower anxiety since sensory input to the brain and nervous system is limited. In addition to this, floating causes the release of endorphins which can improve mood (which is helpful as higher levels of hormones in the body during pregnancy can affect mood). Finally, time in the pod can induce a beneficial, relaxed meditative state.

Reason #3 Why Floating is Good for Pregnant Women – Improved Sleep

Growing a baby inside you understandably makes your body tired. Floating (which offers pain relief and reduces stress) can allow you to fall asleep more easily at night, helping to ensure you get the rest you need. Plus, the weightlessness, silence and general lack of sensory stimulation make for a wonderfully relaxing environment.

Bonus Benefit of Floating While Pregnant

Many mothers have noted that time in a floatation pod creates heightened sensitivity and connection with their babies.

Ready to Experience the Benefits for Yourself?

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