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Famous People Who Float

For years, it’s been safe and accurate to say that floating is not a trend. Instead, it has become a tool for enhancement, focus, healing, performance improvement, rejuvenation and relaxation that many swear by.

Joe Rogan – UFC Personality, Comedian & Podcaster

Joe has been one of the most vocal advocates of floating. ‘Your body gives you amazing energy. The tension release you have from a couple of hours in the tank is incredible. You feel lighter. You feel like more oxygen is in your body. You feel more vibrant. And it’s because somehow you have calmed the tension.’

Carl Lewis – Multi-Olympic Gold Medallist

Carl used in-tank visualisation techniques to prepare for races.

Elle Macpherson – Icon and Supermodel

Elle floats to alleviate exhaustion from the jet lag she experiences while flying all over the world for fashion events.

Emma Watson – Oscar-winning Actor

For her, the float tank provides a specific place for meditation.

Jeff Bridges – Oscar-winning Actor

Floating helps him achieve inner peace.

Tom Brady – 6 X Super Bowl Champion

Floats for heightened states of rest.

Jennifer Lawrence – Academy Award-winning Actress

After visiting a float centre in New York, she told Vogue Magazine she ‘had a lovely time’.

John Lennon – Singer, Songwriter & Peace Activist

John swore by floating as a remedy for substance abuse. In his book, The Lives of John Lennon, biographer Albert Goldman wrote that Lennon’s time in the tank had a profound effect on him. “John was totally satisfied with himself mentally and physically. He was starting to make a break. It had to do with his 40th birthday. He told me: ‘I’m happy to be 40 years old. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life and I feel the best I ever felt.'"

Keri Russell – Golden Globe-winning Actress

The Americans star Keri Russell is a fan of a good tank session, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Marvin Jones – American Football Wide Receiver

Floating helped him recover from an ankle injury and got him back into playing shape.

Michael Crichton – Writer & Filmmaker

Michael floated to cure writers’ block and eventually installed a tank in his home.

Russell Brand – Comedian, Actor, Podcaster & Radio Host

‘It’s quite nice, like being in the belly of a whale… a cyber whale… it was really lovely.’

Wayne Rooney – Professional Soccer Player

Wayne installed a tank in his home ‘following a string of injuries’ in his early career. He is said to have spent up to 10 hours a week using float therapy to relieve pain during his playing years. He credits floating with having helped him get back in the game faster.

Zac Efron – American Actor & Singer

Zac Efron posted on social media about his float experience, referencing the otherworldly floating scenes on popular Netflix show Stranger Things.

Other Celebrities Who Float

Peter Gabriel – Musician: Floats for inspiration.

Robert Downy Jr – Oscar-winning Actor: Has a tank at home.

Richard Feynman – Nobel Peace Prize-winning Physicist: Floated to experience hallucinations.

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