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Here’s How & Why Floating Can Help with Problem-solving

Floatation therapy is a really powerful tool for many reasons. For one, it provides a safe, quiet and relaxing space for thinking and reflection. Things that are hard to find and do in our busy, noisy world.

After all, our senses are constantly bombarded with stimuli. From our alarm clocks in the morning to our television screens at night. Throughout the day, our cell phones and laptops are sources of endless distractions, many of which are unconstructive and even unhealthy.

No wonder so many of us are stressed and anxious. And it’s starting to show. It's affecting people's quality of life, relationships and careers. Sometimes small problems can feel overwhelming and little setbacks can feel crippling.

Luckily floating can help restore the balance.

How Floating Can Help

Floating lets you escape all the action and anticipation the modern world is constantly throwing at you – marketing in all forms, requests from colleagues and employers and even demanding loved ones.

Why Floating Can Help

In a floatation pod, you don't have to turn to multitasking or divide your attention to brainstorm and solve problems. There, you won't be interrupted or distracted. Time is yours for contemplation – facilitated by all the relaxing effects of the environment and elements.

Floating is also effortless and takes the pressure off your body, letting your muscles and joints relax. Plus, the lights are out and sound is reduced, if not completely removed, if you wish. Finally, water is skin temperature which makes you less aware of it. The ideal space for your mind to breathe and expand.

Perhaps you should give it a try...

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