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Here’s What the Most Popular Voice in Podcasting Thinks About Floating

Joe Rogan is a famous podcaster, UFC color commentator, comedian, actor and former television presenter. As one of the biggest fans of floating, he has a very unique perspective on life. Here are a few excerpts from his isolation tank review we wanted to share with you.

The first 20 minutes or so, for me at least, is like sort of a seminar on my life. It shows me all the different issues in my life that I don’t like and that I need to fix, and things that are bothering me, and things about my own behaviour that could have been better. And then it’ll show me some things where I'm on the right track: this is good, continue here, continue doing this, continue thinking like this, continue exploring these ideas. But then, once it gets 'me' done, it’s like, let’s clear out all this bull in your life then let’s think about the big picture. And then it goes from that to the sort of relaxing position where my whole body is just settled into the experience. And then it’s just pure thought. It’s like the mind completely untethered from the body. And then I start contemplating everything. I start contemplating the universe, the role of human beings in each individual’s actions, all accumulated together into one specific event. I start thinking all kinds of crazy, crazy stuff, but without the body in the way. ... And people start coming up with reasons why they don’t want to do it, but it’s so important. Everybody should do the tank. You will learn more about yourself than any other way. It’s an amazing way to think.

It’s an amazing environment. It really should be taught in schools. All universities should have them. They should have them and they should make them available to all of their students.

... One of the greatest tools ever for exploring, thinking, exploring the way you think, and sort of making an audit of all your own personal thoughts and ideas.’

And Our Favourite: ‘The sensory deprivation chamber has been the most important tool that I’ve ever used for developing my mind; for thinking, for evolving.’ – Joe Rogan

Ready for evolving? Book your float.

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