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Looking for a Little Serenity, Quiet or Alone Time?

You're not alone and there's a perfect place for you to 'escape' to.


Seeking a few moments of serenity?

Silence is a rare commodity and regularly reaching a state of serenity seems idealistic to most. If you feel you don't have the time or space to enjoy a few moments of serenity at home, why not book a floatation session to relax and reset? You'll be amazed at how calm yet rejuvenated you may feel after. It's a sensation that's hard to capture in words.

Yearning for a little peace and quiet?

Whether you live with children, a partner, a pet or by yourself, ‘peace and quiet’ is a luxury reserved for few.

Some people in our lives require ongoing care and consideration. The internet constantly steals our attention. Neighbours can often be heard. Surrounding streets buzz with energy or some form of activity. Home deliveries arrive… At Neuro Float, you can temporarily step away from daily stimuli to calm your body and mind; to relax and reset. Choose peace. Choose quiet. Choose Neuro Float.

Longing for some alone time?

We can be alone without being lonely. In fact, we need time alone. When you avoid this activity, you’re actually ‘abandoning’ yourself.

By spending time alone, you create room for growth and you get to know yourself better. It also gives you the opportunity to connect with something greater, whether that be your God, the spiritual world or nature. Solitude can also enhance the quality of your relationships with others.

Sometimes it takes time to get comfortable with yourself and the emotions that creep in when you’re alone. But you can harness these emotions and see them as messengers that are trying to help you heal. Alone time is within reach. Take yourself on a date. Book a float.

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