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Tips & Thoughts for Your First Float

Not sure what to expect from your first float, or how to prepare? We've got you covered. Not your first float? Well, you're bound to benefit from these tips too!

1. You can view floating as a very beneficial self-care ritual.

2. You may want to avoid caffeine or any stimulants 4 to 6 hours before your float.

3. Ideally, you shouldn't shave the day of your float.

4. Float on a light, but not empty stomach (food and liquid wise).

5. Switch off your phone.

6. Floating without swimwear is better.

7. Before you get in, remove your contact lenses, put in earplugs if you want to and take a quick mandatory shower.

8. Dry your face before entering the pod.

9. Don’t use a hair conditioner or lotion before entering the tank.

10. Get in carefully to prevent slipping.

11. If you want to, you can float with lights and music on.

12. Get in and lie down gently to avoid splashing

13. Lengthen out and stretch horizontally if you want to release some tension.

14. To stabilise your body, put your arms out to the sides and hold yourself still for 20 seconds, before releasing your arms to your sides.

15. Try to avoid touching your face / getting water in your eyes. If you do, just rinse them with fresh water.

16. You don’t have to feel or think about anything specific.⠀

17. If you’re struggling to relax, maybe count backwards from 100.

18. If you’re struggling to focus on something, try box breathing.

Box Breathing

(a) Slowly inhale for 4 counts. (b) Hold breath for a count of 3. ⁠⁠ (c) Slowly exhale for 4 counts.

(d) Hold breath for a count of 3. Repeat cycle up to 4 times⁠.

19. It may take a while to relax.

20. You may not have any epiphanies or grand ideas.

21. Don’t have any expectations (of the float or yourself).

22. It’s OK if your mind is noisy or if your thoughts wander.

23. Time-wise, keep the mandatory post-float shower in mind when planning your day. You don’t want to rush and counter the amazing effects. In fact, see if you can set aside some quiet time after your float before heading back into ‘the world’.

24. Feeling euphoric or slightly disoriented after your float is totally normal.

25. Drink plenty of water afterwards to aid the beneficial detoxification process.

26. If you’re afraid to float, ask yourself what you’re afraid of and why? And talk to us.

27. If you’re still unsure, come check out the studio beforehand.

Ready? Book your first or next float now and don't be scared to share this blog post!⠀

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