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Why You Want to Reach Theta State & How

While we've tapped into the many benefits of floatation therapy, there's one we haven't mentioned on our blog yet. One that’s rarely explained... namely the ability to reach theta state. But first, let's look at theta waves.

What theta waves are and why we want them are not always easy to explain, but a closer look at the science behind these wonderful waves promotes understanding.

The What

Theta waves are a type of brainwave (others being alpha, beta and delta) – back and forth patterns measured by an EEG – generated by electrical energy our neurons produce.

The When

Theta waves (5 to 8 Hz*) are observed just before falling asleep, or right after waking up. The theta brainwave pattern is associated with lucid dream states, creativity, meditation and daydreams. Scientists have also observed theta state being reached by Buddhist monks practising Zen meditation — but only by the most experienced monks and only after long periods of meditation.

*Frequency ranges vary slightly from source to source.

Reach Theta State with Floating

Luckily for the rest of us, floatation research has demonstrated that individuals can produce theta waves in the floatation pod (enabling you to enter the theta state, a very peaceful frame of mind) without 20 years of Zen meditation experience.

Why Floatation Helps Us Reach Theta State

Exactly why floatation therapy (called training wheels for meditation) helps us reach theta state remains unknown, but it makes sense considering the quiet, distraction-free environment provided.


So in a nutshell, when we float, our brains are able to slow down and reach a deep level of calm and beneficial blissful state that can be difficult to replicate in day-to-day life.

Ready to reach theta state? Book a float here.

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